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The sounds of typing filled the dim lit room. Only the bright screen of the computer served as light. You gave a tired sigh as you continued typing up the last few chapters of your work. Hours had passed since you've started but as much as you wanted a break, you couldn't. It was your job after all, and you never abandoned your work. 

You were a novelist. All of your written works were exceptionally popular around the country. As well as being given high ratings by critics and the like. To them, your novels were an epitome of "perfection". Even so, you still refused to believe them. 

A few seconds of  typing up a couple more words, you decided to take a small break. After all---you didn't want Sam to lecture you about ignoring your own health again...

It had been a week after Sam left on another hunt with Dean. You were beginning to miss his presence around you but you understood the line of work that they had to do.

Exiting the dark lit room, you slowly strode to the kitchenette of your flat. Step after after step, you started to feel a whirling sensation in your head. Thinking it was from standing up to quickly, you brushed it off and poured a glass of water for yourself. 

You drank the glass of water in one go, fulfilling your once parched throat. You then proceeded to go back to the room you shared with the younger Winchester but before you knew it, black specs of dots began to blur your vision leaving you unconscious on the floor...


As you gained consciousness, you realized you were laying on your bed in your shared room---no longer littered with paper. You then realized that you still had to finish up a chapter. Although before you could even sit up, you heard the door open up as Sam entered the room. Relief was written on his face but was soon overtaken by anger.

"Sam..." You uttered, slightly nervous.

"(y/n) long?" He asked, a frown plastered on his usual laid-back smile. "How long have you gone without eating and sleeping? Don't even try to lie."

You bit your lip, and decided to tell him the truth. There wasn't any point at hiding it since he always found evidence. If it was a different situation, you could have laughed, Sam just knew you all too were an open book to him.

"It was only for three days..." Sam's eyes widened at hearing this. And, you began to panic. "And I-I still ate, mind you..."

"Let me guess, junk food and convenience store meals," Sam retorted back.

"No, I..." You muttered before heaving out a sigh. "Yes..."


"I just wanted to finish my novel but, cooking full meals was a bother and sleeping was in the way so I stayed up late...I'm sorry..."

"Four days...?" Sam slowly made his way to a nearby chair, his hand resting on his forehead in defeat. "(y/n)...look at what you're doing to yourself. This isn't good for you."

"You don't need to look after me, Sam. I can take care of myself." You lowered your head down, trying to avoid his stern gaze.

"If this your definition of 'taking care' of yourself. Then that makes me even more worried!" He said, his voice sounding louder than ever. "(y/n), I'm your boyfriend, that's enough of a reason to care!"

"I'm sorry, Sam." You slowly lifted your head to finally meet his stern gaze, then swallowed nervously. Silence began to build its own wall as none of you dared to speak or utter a single word. Sam was really mad at you.

"(y/n)..." Sam unconsciously bit his lip. He never really intended to shout at you, and seeing the look on your features only made him feel more guilty. He mentally counted to three before deciding to talk. "Look, I'm sorry too. I didn't mean to raise my voice but...I'm just really worried about you."

"I know." 

"Come on, I'll get you something to eat. After that, go take a rest alright? A long one." The young hunter slowly emphasized. Sam stood up from the chair he was sitting on then held out his callous hand to you. You, in defeat, took his inviting hand as he began to drag you to your small kitchen. 

"Don't ever do that again, please..." He suddenly stopped in his tracks and faced you, a questionable look on him. "I...was scared when I saw you unconscious on the floor...I-I thought you were-"

You instantly cut him off by wrapping your arms around his waist, and tucking your head into his shoulder as if hiding from your problems. Sam reciprocated and copied your actions. 

"I won't do something like this again...I'm sorry, Sam..."

"You promise?"

"I promise."


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