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"G-Gray? Where are you?" (y/n) muttered, his dainty hands tracing the other side of his bed for a source of warmth but sadly there wasn't. That was all it took for (y/n) to know that Gray wasn't beside him. A sense of fear slowly began to build in him, as he tried to fight with his inner thoughts that it was alright. He was at home, he was safe here...

Is what he would say any other day but not right now. Not in the condition he was in. (y/n) couldn't see a single thing, everything was just pitch black around him. He wasn't even sure if it was daytime or not, and that worried him. 

Fortunately, it was only a temporary blindness. Whilst on a request, some rogue mage from a dark guild took his eyesight before making a quick escape from the battle. By the time Gray found him, (y/n) was on the ground, unconscious.

'Did...he go out?' (y/n) thought, frowning. He debated whether to get up and look for the ice mage or just stay in bed and wait for him. But being the stubborn fool he was, he decided to get up. Placing both of his feet on the wooden floorboards, he carefully walked towards the door. Luckily he was in his apartment so he knew where to step on and what to avoid. 

After a few minutes he managed to reach the door to his room then walked out with his arms out in front of him, his hands on the wall to guide him where to go.

"Gray? Are you downstairs?" (y/n) said, his voice echoing through the halls. Taking a few more steps, his hand found the railing of the stairs. He slowly went down the step after step, knowing fully well that what he was doing was dangerous. 

Halfway through the steps, (y/n) accidentally skipped a step and fell all the way down. Luckily for him, it wasn't that high up.

"O-Ouch..." (y/n) hissed in pain, clutching his leg. Without his eyesight, he didn't even know how badly injured he was. It was one of these moments that reminded him that he was vulnerable, even in his own home. The thought of it made the wall he was trying to build around this fear broke down. He was scared. 

"G-Gray...where are you, idiot...?" (y/n) wrapped his arms around his self, anxiety came over him by each second. Breathing was also becoming harder for him. "Gray..." 


All of a sudden, he heard a door being opened and closed along with loud footsteps. 

"(y/n)...?" A voice called the latter's name. The footsteps of the intruder got quicker. "(y/n)! W-What...?"

"G-Gray? I...Is that you...?" (y/n) muttered, lifting his head up. Tears streaming down his face.

"W-Why did you get out of bed?! How...? And you're bleeding!" Gray asked, almost shouting. His brows were knitted down and a mixture of worry and anger masked his face. 

"Y-You weren't...there when I woke up. I panicked. I-I'm sorry." (y/n)'s head hung low. He then heard a long sigh, and before he could even comprehend what was happening, Gray carefully lifted him up into his arms and headed upstairs to (y/n)'s room.

"When you fell asleep, I made a quick trip back to the guild to see if Lucy and Levy finished making an antidote for you." Gray said, his arms tightening around the other's small frame. "I shouldn't have left you alone...I'm sorry..."

Walking into the room, the ice mage laid (y/n) onto the bed then quickly headed to the bathroom to get the first aid kit. He then began to treating (y/n)'s injuries.




"What if the antidote won't work? W-What if I don't get my eyesight back?" (y/n) asked frantically.

Gray stopped with what he was doing and frowned.

"(y/n), you shouldn't-"

"I'm scared, Gray!" (y/n) cried out. "All I see is complete darkness! Not to mention I'm vulnerable, even in my own house! It's...I-" Before he could even finish what he was saying, he was suddenly enveloped into a tight hug. 

"Who are you?"


"The (y/n) I know wouldn't say such things, he's more stronger than this." Gray ran his hand through (y/n)'s hair. "Not to mention a really stubborn idiot." He chuckled softly.

"I-I'm not an idiot! Gray, you ass-"

"Have some faith on the others, (y/n). They're doing all they can." 


"And I won't rest until I beat that shitty dark mage to the ground who made you suffer like this."


"And any chance that you don't get your eyesight back-which you will-just remember that no matter what, I'll be right here." 

More tears began to stream down (y/n)'s face at what the raven head said. A smile slowly formed on his lips as he hugged the ice mage back.

"Gray, you really are an idiot."

"Ah, finally! We're back in Magnolia!" Lucy shouted out with a sigh of relief. "Erza, what are you planning to do-Erza...?"

"She stopped by the pastry shop minutes ago, after spotting a strawberry cake on display." (y/n) heeded her confused friend.

"Of course..." Lucy shook her head and emitted a soft giggle. "But what about you, (y/n)? Aren't you gonna head back home?"

"The trip to Crocus was really tiring. I think I'll rest at the guild before going back." (y/n) said, attempting to give the celestial mage a smile despite feeling weak from using her magic non-stop.

"Me too! If Natsu and Gray were with us, they would've defeated those monsters in less than a would make the job much easier..." Lucy said, sighing once again. The mage took the moment to glance at (y/n) beside her and tilted her head to the side. "Are you alright?"

"What do you mean...?"

"Your face looks As if someone applied red blush all over." Lucy pondered, concern looming over her.

"Is that right?" (y/n) stopped in her tracks, her dainty fingers tracing her face. "Well now that I think about it, I do feel kind of odd..."

"Oh no no no no no! Laxus is going to kill me if he finds out that something bad happened to you!" Lucy began to run back and forth, her arms flailing up and down in a comical way.

"Lucy, calm down. I'm fine!" (y/n) reassured. "I'm just dizzy, it might be just the heat." The mage gently placed a hand on the blonde’s shoulder in order to calm her down.

"Are you sure? I don't want to die yet!" 

"You're exaggerating. Laxus won't hurt you." 

"Yeah right. Remember that last mission we did with Natsu and the others? The one where you were nearly impaled by a metal shard because of Natsu?"

"What about it?"

"Laxus almost killed Natsu the day he found out about that incident!" Lucy shouted. "What will happen we he finds out that you got ill?! It's all my-"

"Lucy, calm down. We're here."

"Huh? Oh!"

"I think you need more rest than I do." (y/n) chuckled at the celestial mage's silliness. 

"Welcome back, Lucy! (y/n)!" Mirajane greeted as soon as the two entered the guild. "Where's Erza?"

"Pastry shop." (y/n) answered.

"I shouldn't have asked." Mira smiled. "So how was the mission?"

"Kind of difficult since there were only three of us but, we managed to do fine!" Lucy said, sitting down on one of the bar stools.

"Is that so?" Mira said, listening intently as Lucy began to blubber about her god forsaken rent.

Taking a seat next to the blond mage, (y/n) contemplated whether to ask Mira for a glass of water. Ever since arriving at Magnolia, her throat had been parched, wanting to take a sip of cold water. Then again she would only be here for a few minutes so, (y/n decided not to.

"Oh, I almost forgot!" Mira gasped, stopping (y/n) from her tracks. "Laxus told me that he'll be waiting at your house when you return."

"Laxus...?" (y/n) raised a brow in question. "I thought he was on a request with his team? Did they finish it early?"

"He did say that..." The older mage said. "But you know, maybe the real reason why he came back so early was because he missed you~" 

"M-Mira...stop it!" (y/n) stuttered elusively, and glared at the take-over mage but the reddening of her cheeks showed the opposite. Seconds passed as the other two kept ushering (y/n) about Laxus. 

You know, if you-" Mira started before suddenly stopping to take a closer look at (y/n). "Are you alright, (y/n)? You look like you're about to pass out at any minute! I think it's best for you to take a rest at the infirmary."

"See (y/n), even Mira-san agrees."

"Like I told Lucy, I'm fine!" Crossing her arms, (y/n) once again reassured her guild mates. "Besides, I'll be...going back...home..." Her dainty hands slowly glided up to clutch her head. A sudden aching made its presence, alerting the other two women.

"(y/n), what's wrong?" A look of worry etched on Lucy's features.

"Just...a slight headache is all," (y/n) muttered softly, but was loud enough for the two to hear. 

"Do you want me to get you something to drink?" Mira suggested, already moving to where the glasses were stored.

"No, it's fine!" (y/n) quickly stood up, which did a bad number on her considering how her head ached more. "I'll just go home and take a rest, Laxus is waiting anyways."

"Alright then, I'll go with you." 

"I'm capable of walking, Lu-" (y/n) was about to talk back at the celestial mage when specs of dots began to blur her vision. The mage fell to the ground, unconscious.

"It's all my fault! I'm so sorry!"

"Lucy, calm down. It's not your fault."

"But Erza-"

"If there's anyone to blame...It is I who is at fault! I didn't look after her when we were-"

"Will you two just shut up leave!" Laxus said in a hushed tone, trying not to wake (y/n) up. 

"Yes sir!" 


"You really love to worry everyone, don't you?" Laxus muttered, glancing at the young woman asleep on one of the infirmary's beds.

He took the time to take in her appearance. She looked so peaceful, angelic even. It always wonders him why she decided to choose him despite their bad chemistry from the start.

At this moment, (y/n) slowly opened her eyes and took in her surroundings. Seeing Laxus beside her instantly made her sigh.

"So, mind telling me what happened?" He frowned.

"I'm just really exhausted, there's no need to fuss about it."

"I swear..."

"You do, all the time-"

"Cheeky brat."

"How mature of you, Laxus." She remarked, crossing her arms with smug look on her face when the lightning dragon slayer couldn't think of a retort. Rolling his eyes in defeat, Laxus pinched her cheeks in retaliation.

"Ouch! S-Stop it!" 

"I will if you promise not to over-exert yourself again."

"F-Fine! I promise!"

"Good." Laxus nodded, a faint smirk creeping its way to his usually serious look. Looking over at (y/n) who was rubbing her now reddish cheeks, he slowly stood up and in an instance, carried her in his arms. A look of surprise on the latter.

"What...are you doing?" 

"We're going home."

"Like this...?" (y/n) asked, the astonished look on her was still present. She was used to the things that Laxus did, weird or not. But he would never willingly show such intimacy in public, with the exception of holding hands. Still, it was new to (y/n).

"Is there a problem with that?" Laxus asked, walking to the door of the infirmary without any problem. "I won't let you walk. Not after you just passed out."

"I rested, I'm alright now."


"What? Are you worried that I might faint again?" (y/n) asked, placing her head on the dragon slayer's shoulder. She softly chuckled when he turned his head, trying to avoid her gaze. But it was a failed attempt when she spotted his reddening ears.


"(y/n), where are you?!" A loud voice echoed through the walls of what a certain young mage called his 'home'. It was Gray. And obviously enough, he was downright pissed.

The ice mage, hearing no answer, collided his foot on the door as it broke off its hinges. Gray walked around the shabby house, searching for any trace of (y/n). That was---until he found a big lump on a bed, its white sheets hiding the person beneath it.

"There you are, little brat." The raven head said with a smirk on his features. "Get up already, Erza's looking for you." He commanded but no response was heard from the young man. This did a good job in spoiling Gray's mood a bit more. He then took the end of the white sheet and, tugged it with force, revealing the young mage in a slumped position.

"Oi..." A wave of annoyance flashed through his dark eyes. He had enough. "Get up!"

"...Gray?" After what seemed like an hour, (y/n) finally replied. Yet, rather than being angry, he acted as if nothing happened. Gray was surprised by his usually two-faced team mate. But shook his head from the thought of (y/n) being "quiet". 

"If you're already awake then get up already." 

"I can't..." 

Unfortunately or not, Gray did not expect this kind of answer from him. 

"And why not?" The mage raised a brow. 

"I-I'm not feeling well." Now that (y/n) mentioned it, Gray did notice how off he was acting. "Tell Erza I'm not going today."

"Oh you're going alright...unless you want me to get killed by that red headed demon." Gray took the liberty of pulling the poor guy from the bed, only for (y/n) to fall down to the floor, along with Gray in tow.

"(y/n)...brat. Get up, you're crushing me-" Gray immediately shut his mouth when he saw the younger mage breathing heavily, face flushed red. "(y/n)...?" 

"That...hurts..." (y/n) said while heavily breathing. The dreadful look on his face was enough indication that he was feeling pain.

"You...really are sick..." 

"That's what I tell you...from the start...idiot..." (y/n) said in between his heavy breathing. He then began to raise his weak body from atop of Gray, only to fall down on the man once more in a failed attempt of doing so.

"Graaaaaaaaaaay!" (y/n) cried out, dragging out the older mage's name in a slur. "I feel dizzy! I want to puke!"


"My head hurts, and I feel cold!" Tears began to form in (y/n)'s eyes, his hands were clutching Gray's shirt. "I hate being sick!"

"Calm down. Here, let me help you." Gray said nothing else as he got up into a sitting position on the floor with no difficulty at all, as (y/n)'s slumped form didn't really weigh a lot. Hooking one arm under his legs, and another arm around his waist, Gray gently carried (y/n) back to his messy bed and laid him down. The ice mage's callous hands immediately went up to (y/n)'s face, wiping his tears with the pads of his thumbs.

"You should get some rest for now." Gray muttered. His gaze immediately went to the wrinkled bed sheets on the ground that was once wrapped around (y/n). Bending down, he took the soft white sheets in his hands and covered (y/n)'s shivering body. "I'll tell Erza that you can't come today. I'll come by later with food."

Gray was about to leave when he felt an unusually cold hand pulling on his arm, stopping him from his tracks. He glanced at his captor and raised a brow in question to his team mate's actions.

"S-Stay...with me...for a while..." Although (y/n)'s face was glowing red due to his fever, Gray could easily identify the growing blush on his feminine features.

"Fine. But you better be alright by tomorrow, got it little brat?"

"Got it..."

The sounds of typing filled the dim lit room. Only the bright screen of the computer served as light. You gave a tired sigh as you continued typing up the last few chapters of your work. Hours had passed since you've started but as much as you wanted a break, you couldn't. It was your job after all, and you never abandoned your work. 

You were a novelist. All of your written works were exceptionally popular around the country. As well as being given high ratings by critics and the like. To them, your novels were an epitome of "perfection". Even so, you still refused to believe them. 

A few seconds of  typing up a couple more words, you decided to take a small break. After all---you didn't want Sam to lecture you about ignoring your own health again...

It had been a week after Sam left on another hunt with Dean. You were beginning to miss his presence around you but you understood the line of work that they had to do.

Exiting the dark lit room, you slowly strode to the kitchenette of your flat. Step after after step, you started to feel a whirling sensation in your head. Thinking it was from standing up to quickly, you brushed it off and poured a glass of water for yourself. 

You drank the glass of water in one go, fulfilling your once parched throat. You then proceeded to go back to the room you shared with the younger Winchester but before you knew it, black specs of dots began to blur your vision leaving you unconscious on the floor...


As you gained consciousness, you realized you were laying on your bed in your shared room---no longer littered with paper. You then realized that you still had to finish up a chapter. Although before you could even sit up, you heard the door open up as Sam entered the room. Relief was written on his face but was soon overtaken by anger.

"Sam..." You uttered, slightly nervous.

"(y/n) long?" He asked, a frown plastered on his usual laid-back smile. "How long have you gone without eating and sleeping? Don't even try to lie."

You bit your lip, and decided to tell him the truth. There wasn't any point at hiding it since he always found evidence. If it was a different situation, you could have laughed, Sam just knew you all too were an open book to him.

"It was only for three days..." Sam's eyes widened at hearing this. And, you began to panic. "And I-I still ate, mind you..."

"Let me guess, junk food and convenience store meals," Sam retorted back.

"No, I..." You muttered before heaving out a sigh. "Yes..."


"I just wanted to finish my novel but, cooking full meals was a bother and sleeping was in the way so I stayed up late...I'm sorry..."

"Four days...?" Sam slowly made his way to a nearby chair, his hand resting on his forehead in defeat. "(y/n)...look at what you're doing to yourself. This isn't good for you."

"You don't need to look after me, Sam. I can take care of myself." You lowered your head down, trying to avoid his stern gaze.

"If this your definition of 'taking care' of yourself. Then that makes me even more worried!" He said, his voice sounding louder than ever. "(y/n), I'm your boyfriend, that's enough of a reason to care!"

"I'm sorry, Sam." You slowly lifted your head to finally meet his stern gaze, then swallowed nervously. Silence began to build its own wall as none of you dared to speak or utter a single word. Sam was really mad at you.

"(y/n)..." Sam unconsciously bit his lip. He never really intended to shout at you, and seeing the look on your features only made him feel more guilty. He mentally counted to three before deciding to talk. "Look, I'm sorry too. I didn't mean to raise my voice but...I'm just really worried about you."

"I know." 

"Come on, I'll get you something to eat. After that, go take a rest alright? A long one." The young hunter slowly emphasized. Sam stood up from the chair he was sitting on then held out his callous hand to you. You, in defeat, took his inviting hand as he began to drag you to your small kitchen. 

"Don't ever do that again, please..." He suddenly stopped in his tracks and faced you, a questionable look on him. "I...was scared when I saw you unconscious on the floor...I-I thought you were-"

You instantly cut him off by wrapping your arms around his waist, and tucking your head into his shoulder as if hiding from your problems. Sam reciprocated and copied your actions. 

"I won't do something like this again...I'm sorry, Sam..."

"You promise?"

"I promise."


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