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Darkness (GrayxMale!Reader)

"G-Gray? Where are you?" (y/n) muttered, his dainty hands tracing the other side of his bed for a source of warmth but sadly there wasn't. That was all it took for (y/n) to know that Gray wasn't beside him. A sense of fear slowly began to build in him, as he tried to fight with his inner thoughts that it was alright. He was at home, he was safe here...
Is what he would say any other day but not right now. Not in the condition he was in. (y/n) couldn't see a single thing, everything was just pitch black around him. He wasn't even sure if it was daytime or not, and that worried him. 
Fortunately, it was only a temporary blindness. Whilst on a request, some rogue mage from a dark guild took his eyesight before making a quick escape from the battle. By the time Gray found him, (y/n) was on the ground, unconscious.
'Did...he go out?' (y/n) thought, frowning. He debated whether to get up and look for the ice mage or just stay in bed and wait for him.
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Everything's Alright (LaxusxReader)
"Ah, finally! We're back in Magnolia!" Lucy shouted out with a sigh of relief. "Erza, what are you planning to do-Erza...?"
"She stopped by the pastry shop minutes ago, after spotting a strawberry cake on display." (y/n) heeded her confused friend.
"Of course..." Lucy shook her head and emitted a soft giggle. "But what about you, (y/n)? Aren't you gonna head back home?"
"The trip to Crocus was really tiring. I think I'll rest at the guild before going back." (y/n) said, attempting to give the celestial mage a smile despite feeling weak from using her magic non-stop.
"Me too! If Natsu and Gray were with us, they would've defeated those monsters in less than a would make the job much easier..." Lucy said, sighing once again. The mage took the moment to glance at (y/n) beside her and tilted her head to the side. "Are you alright?"
"What do you mean...?"
"Your face looks As if someone applied red blush all over." Lucy pondered, concern looming over her.
"Is that right
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Stay With Me (GrayxMale!Reader)
"(y/n), where are you?!" A loud voice echoed through the walls of what a certain young mage called his 'home'. It was Gray. And obviously enough, he was downright pissed.
The ice mage, hearing no answer, collided his foot on the door as it broke off its hinges. Gray walked around the shabby house, searching for any trace of (y/n). That was---until he found a big lump on a bed, its white sheets hiding the person beneath it.
"There you are, little brat." The raven head said with a smirk on his features. "Get up already, Erza's looking for you." He commanded but no response was heard from the young man. This did a good job in spoiling Gray's mood a bit more. He then took the end of the white sheet and, tugged it with force, revealing the young mage in a slumped position.
"Oi..." A wave of annoyance flashed through his dark eyes. He had enough. "Get up!"
"...Gray?" After what seemed like an hour, (y/n) finally replied. Yet, rather than being angry, he acted as if nothing happened. Gray was
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SamxReader (A Promise)
The sounds of typing filled the dim lit room. Only the bright screen of the computer served as light. You gave a tired sigh as you continued typing up the last few chapters of your work. Hours had passed since you've started but as much as you wanted a break, you couldn't. It was your job after all, and you never abandoned your work. 
You were a novelist. All of your written works were exceptionally popular around the country. As well as being given high ratings by critics and the like. To them, your novels were an epitome of "perfection". Even so, you still refused to believe them. 
A few seconds of  typing up a couple more words, you decided to take a small break. After all---you didn't want Sam to lecture you about ignoring your own health again...
It had been a week after Sam left on another hunt with Dean. You were beginning to miss his presence around you but you understood the line of work that they had to do.
Exiting the dark lit room, you slowly strode to the ki
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DeanxReader (Too Concerned)
"Dean, I told you, I'm fine." A look of irritation was plastered on your face. You were trying so very hard not to get mad but, with Dean asking if you were alright over and over again was getting on your nerves.
"Says the one who got injured," He countered back at you.
A few hours ago you, Dean, and Sam were on a hunt. When suddenly, you were attacked by a group of vampires. Unluckily for you, the heel of your shoe got caught in the deep crack of the cement floor while you were sprinting away. But the other two managed to kill the vampires before they got to you.
After dropping Sam off at a nearby motel, Dean drove you back to your apartment to rest and let your ankle heal.
"Dean, I'm just going to the bathroom..." You sighed as you carefully got up from the couch, minding your sprained ankle. "It's not a big deal." You knew the older Winchester was concerned for you but, there were times when he worried too much.
"Fine…" He said, pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration.
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DeanxReader (Can't Sleep)
Silence…It was all that you could hear. Except for the occasional snoring coming from Dean, who was sleeping soundly next to you with his arms wrapped around your waist protectively.  You glanced at the digital clock on the side-table, it was three in the morning . You sighed, it was the fifth time this week that  you couldn’t get a wink of sleep.  
After a few more attempts of trying to sleep, you decided to go to the kitchenette and fix yourself a drink. Taking a glance at the elder Winchester, you gently pried his arms off of your torso before silently descending to the door.
A couple of minutes had passed. You were sitting on one of the chairs with a cup of tea on the table. Leaning back and crossing your arms, you started to space off, thinking of all the possible things that could make you fall asleep. You didn’t even hear the sound of footsteps nearing you.
“(y/n)…?” A hoarse voice snapped you out of your thoughts. You looked
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DeanxReader (Shut Up)
You woke up to the loud ringing of a phone. Groaning, you try to block out the sound by nestling into the warm chest beside you. Still, it was a complete utter failure. You were sure that you left your phone at the coffee table of the living room so, you assumed it was Dean's.
Opening your (e/c) eyes, you were face to face with the older Winchester, who was half naked under the white covers. Both of your faces were just mere inches apart. Of course, Dean slept like a rock, so he wouldn't have heard the phone.
The ringing continuously went on and on as you sighed in frustration. With a bit of difficulty, you forcefully pushed Dean to the ground, evidently waking him up.
"Damn it, (y/n)! What the hell?!" Dean shouted. You noticed that his voice was a bit hoarse.
"Just answer your phone." You simply said as you delved into his pillow, face first. At this point, you were amazed to hear that the phone was still ringing. It was obviously important. Dean looked at you with an arched brow (sti
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SamxReader (Inspiration)
The whistles of the wind picked up at a fast pace as the cold breezy air hit your pale face, your hair in a complete disarray. You were seated at the back porch of your home, a notebook in your left hand and a pen on your right. It was already night time, and Sam hasn’t arrived yet since him and Dean were on another hunt.
It was a habit for you stay up and wait for him, even when Sam kept telling you not to. But of course, you were too stubborn to follow him. Seconds passed before you looked up from what you were writing and took in the dark scenery before you.
Ever since your mother gave you a book full of classics you instantly took a liking to reading, up until it developed into writing your own stories. It was an undying passion, as comical as it sounded. Your eyes glanced back at the notebook that you were clutching and read the unfinished story that you were writing…
-Marianne was happy that they were together, no…she was more than happy that he returned he
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[Close] Design adopt_160 by Lonary [Close] Design adopt_160 :iconlonary:Lonary 592 14 [Close] Design adopt_163 by Lonary [Close] Design adopt_163 :iconlonary:Lonary 351 5 [Close] Design adopt_171 by Lonary [Close] Design adopt_171 :iconlonary:Lonary 489 10 I FEEL YOU BRO (Shoujo ver) by Cioccolatodorima I FEEL YOU BRO (Shoujo ver) :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 1,476 75 USUK : A Not-So-Classic Romance by Mano-chan USUK : A Not-So-Classic Romance :iconmano-chan:Mano-chan 1,412 76
That's my girl|ParentsAU! OikawaxReaderxIwaizumi
"Thank you for coming in on such short notice, I know you must be very busy." 
"Oh it's not a problem, it was our day off anyways, right Iwa-chan? And we always prioritize (Name)'s education." Oikawa gave the principal a bright smile. 
"Yes well, let's get right to it then, shall we. Unfortunately (Name) is in my office today because she has gotten in trouble for fighting with another student in her class."
Iwaizumi frowned but remained silent as he glanced at (Name) in the corner. (Name) kept her eyes down at her feet when she felt the adults looking at her. It didn't sound like his daughter to fight, but instead of getting worked up he let Oikawa to voice their confusion. "She was fighting? What for?"
"According to the teacher report she shoved a boy in her class and he fell." The principal tapped the written report next to him. 
"(Name), why did you push him?" Iwaizumi ignored the principal as he turned to (Name)
:iconlanikaia:lanikaia 83 44
SPN - Hug by Sadyna SPN - Hug :iconsadyna:Sadyna 2,711 164 Character Sketches by JujuFei Character Sketches :iconjujufei:JujuFei 24 2 Portal Fanart by JujuFei Portal Fanart :iconjujufei:JujuFei 592 27 In Paris by JujuFei In Paris :iconjujufei:JujuFei 320 9 Hold my hand by mustachossom Hold my hand :iconmustachossom:mustachossom 139 9 Freedom isn't Free by Rhytz Freedom isn't Free :iconrhytz:Rhytz 575 152 Lutece v2 by Rhytz Lutece v2 :iconrhytz:Rhytz 35 3 Asami by Rhytz Asami :iconrhytz:Rhytz 26 0
L'amour de ma vie (Shinomiya Kojiro x reader)
Shinomiya woke as the sun was barely rising. The morning light peaking through the slight gaps between the heavy lidded curtains signaled the dawn of the new day.  
Shinomiya could feel your steady breathing on his naked torso as well as the rise and fall of your chest against his. Your serene sleeping face which greeted him brought a smile to his face.
You were deep asleep, he could tell, seeing as you barely nudged as he combed his fingers through your tresses. Knowing you to be a light-sleeper, it surprised him how fast asleep you still were. He supposed the events of last night played a part in your current predicament which further broadened his smile.
You both were back in Japan due to the success of the Tokyo branch of SHINO’s. And despite it being recently launched, it opened to many acclaims and offers from various entities within the culinary world. Knowing the stress was building up to him, you tried to remedy it by helping him relaxed which led from one thing to
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